Spring Training

March 9, 2016 By upshot

Many of you (especially Focus Graduates) know my friend and Focus trainer, Ryan Lefebvre, the voice of the Royals. Well, Ryan will soon be making his way to beautiful Arizona to begin spring training with the Kansas City Royals. Tough gig, huh? Yes, while we finish out the winter (which has thankfully been very mild), Ryan and the Royals will be suffering in the near perfect conditions of Arizona. Have you ever thought about what they are going there to do? The professionals, who are... View Article

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The Art of Reframing

February 20, 2016 By upshot

“The mind is its own place, and in itself, can make a Heaven out of Hell, a Hell of Heaven.”  ~John Milton One of my favorite people in Kansas City is Joe Colaizzi. Joe runs the KC Rescue Mission. I have never known Joe to do anything differently since I have been in Kansas City, and Pam and I have lived here for 23 years. During those years, he has championed the cause for homeless men and their needs (Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual). Tirelessly... View Article

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You are a GIVER!

February 14, 2016 By upshot

You are a GIVER! Well, at least at our core we are made to give. We have a natural ability to give to each other. In fact, scientist has demonstrated that giving actually produces positive changes in our body chemistry. We really didn’t need a study to tell us that, because we can all feel that positive feeling when we do give to others. However, there is usually an exception to the rule and that is when we are “enabling.” When giving hurts, it is... View Article

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Is your life Love Based or Fear Based?

February 9, 2016 By upshot

Loved Based or Fear Based? When we’re asked that question, it can be immediately sobering because we have to go inward to assess before we can answer. At times, so much of our life is in “auto pilot,” and before we can answer that question accurately, we must do a “check-in.” So, “check-in” right now. If you have been coming from a fear based perspective, you will, of course, have a feeling of anxiety or anger, sadness, or even numbness. Keep in mind–it isn’t easy... View Article

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Meet Kansas City’s answer to Dr. Phil

January 8, 2016 By upshot

Oprah discovered Dr. Phil. I have found counselor Wayne—Phil’s former partner. Wayne McKamie Jr. is a local psychologist and self-help guru. And unlike Phil McGraw, McKamie isn’t seen on TV and doesn’t have a book deal. McKamie practices the same theories and methods that have made McGraw a household name and a millionaire. And McKamie does it right here in Kansas City. Almost everyone has heard of McGraw, Oprah’s straight-talking expert on life strategies and relationships. He helps people make tough choices in their lives... View Article

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“Follow me” may be what people expect to hear from the leaders of Focus Seminars of Kansas City but they won’t hear that sentiment in the way it’s often been used. Using phrases like “Do what I’m doing” is a popular way to teach leadership but Wayne and Pam McKamie don’t ask participants to copy how they lead. They have been creating leaders in Kansas City since 1990 using a unique approach. They teach others how to get out of their own way and lead... View Article

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