You are a GIVER!

February 14, 2016 By upshot

You are a GIVER!stockvault-heart152278

Well, at least at our core we are made to give. We have a natural ability to give to each other. In fact, scientist has demonstrated that giving actually produces positive changes in our body chemistry. We really didn’t need a study to tell us that, because we can all feel that positive feeling when we do give to others. However, there is usually an exception to the rule and that is when we are “enabling.” When giving hurts, it is usually because we are giving in a way that is not healthy. Most of the time we give and we feel a sense of gratification. That’s not the case when we are enabling someone to stay stuck in mediocrity or a dysfunction.

When the patterns of an individual stay entrenched in behavior that is unhealthy it is important for each of us to take a good hard look and ask are we helping or hurting? Are we empowering and individual that is down on their luck or has had some misfortune, or are we keeping someone from growing and learning something they need to learn on their own? Be careful to avoid the victim triad which includes the persecutor, victim, and rescuer. When you are enabling, all the roles can change in an instant. Avoid the rescue (giving) when an individual needs to give to themselves.

This is the giving season. Don’t be afraid to make a difference where a difference needs to be met.



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