About Focus Seminars

Focus Seminars are about learning to live life with clarity of purpose and direction. They help you move from simply floating through life to living with purpose and getting the results you desire. The fulfilled life is one which is examined, where authenticity is real, and where happiness is found. Through Focus Seminars, you will have the chance to examine your life, to spend a few days learning about yourself, and to learn how to redirect your life to achieve your desired results.

Focus Seminars are based on the theory that we are born with a potential that is limited by interferences we develop in life and by our lack of personal awareness. We achieve our greatest success when we overcome these interferences and gain awareness.



  • Are you satisfied with your current life and having the success you desire?
  • Are you living life for you or someone else?
  • Are you bringing value to yourself and those around you?
  • What’s working for you, but more importantly, what’s not working?
  • Is your personal life stagnant?
  • Has your career peaked?
  • Do you want more than what you have?
  • What can be changed to have the life you want, and how do you bring about that change?

Focus Seminars’ participants are able to achieve personal growth from the inside out. They learn to create better relationships with family, friends, and coworkers, as well as to become intentional leaders at work and home. Best yet, the results are lifelong as you learn to manage your life.


You deserve a life full of passion, joy, and excitement.

Focus Seminars is where motivation and strategy merge to produce enormous results that will change your life forever. There is no process of self-discovery that enhances one’s overall effectiveness better than Focus Seminars. Professionals, parents, couples, leaders, and individuals develop the tools and insights to understand what they can do to improve, grow, and develop as individuals.

Focus Seminars is an educational organization that invites all people to move towards new levels of performance. Our seminars guide you through the exercises necessary to gain a greater understanding of yourself, your relationships, and the needs of others. Focus Seminars offers more than just insights and tips. We teach our participants how to develop and grow for the rest of their lives.

Focus Seminars are not full of boring lectures, videos, or workbooks. Our seminars utilize a process known as “insight/action learning.” By actively participating in a seminar and using the tools of insight/action learning, you will gain an understanding about your current life versus the life you’d like to have, as well as learn what you need to do to gain that life. Each learning experience is designed to help identify your own winning characteristics.

You will gain the “extra edge” needed in today’s world as you learn to FOCUS and reach your potential. Our empowering experience enables you to gain momentum and own it.


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