Is your life Love Based or Fear Based?

February 9, 2016 By upshot

Loved Based or Fear Based?Love_life1

When we’re asked that question, it can be immediately sobering because we have to go inward to assess before we can answer. At times, so much of our life is in “auto pilot,” and before we can answer that question accurately, we must do a “check-in.” So, “check-in” right now. If you have been coming from a fear based perspective, you will, of course, have a feeling of anxiety or anger, sadness, or even numbness. Keep in mind–it isn’t easy to know if we are fear based because we are all pretty well-guarded. It is our armor that we wear every day to go and do life. Let’s call it our “survival self.” Sometimes it takes a significant event, or for things to build up inside us, before we become aware of what we are feeling. The quickest way to know is to ask … “Am I LOVING?” We will know immediately if we feel loving or not. Often we will say “I’m busy” or “I’m tired” or even “I’m puzzled”, etc…

But, I am sure of one thing– and it is that I am always better in my relationships if I am loving.  I am more patient, understanding, sensitive, caring, ALIVE and in the moment. I am more myself.

So, here is the “given point of choice” … What do you choose for the rest of the day? As you go through this active or inactive day, what is it that you will choose? It is up to you. Go create the day you are made for.

President and Founder of Focus Seminars of Kansas City, INC.

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