Play it Real this Holiday Season

December 15, 2015 By upshot

Tis the Season, Right? Well, for many people the idea of getting with family presents a challenge. “Can’t we all just get along?” Therapists love the Holidays because it is job security. When people go home it is easy to pick the old role you use to play when you were a child. It is a survival role and while it may have helped you in some way, it is not who you are today. Here are a few roles people fall into when they... View Article

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Being Who You Are

June 9, 2015 By upshot

Pam and I are leaving KC this afternoon to join the graduation at Teen Camp. It is a powerful graduation because parents arrive to see their teens after 5 days of being separated. Alot has happened in the 5 days. The teens have spent time going inward and identified barriers in their life that they need to let go of and claimed a “true self”, who they are authentically. Who they are without wounds of anger, insecurity, fears, jealousy, guilt, resentments, and victim rolls. The closing of camp... View Article

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