Leading with heart: The McKamies of Kansas City

January 2, 2016 By upshot

“Follow me” may be what people expect to hear from the leaders of Focus Seminars of Kansas City but they won’t hear that sentiment in the way it’s often been used. 526089_299709056788601_2101065554_nUsing phrases like “Do what I’m doing” is a popular way to teach leadership but Wayne and Pam McKamie don’t ask participants to copy how they lead. They have been creating leaders in Kansas City since 1990 using a unique approach. They teach others how to get out of their own way and lead from the best that’s within them. Leadership isn’t like putting on a great suit owned by someone else to feel different or better. Wayne’s suit fits him but it is best for others to have something tailored to fit how they lead. Finding your own leadership style at Focus means feeling what makes you courageous, authentic and valuable. Wayne and Pam strive to help people get in touch with their own strength; it’s an individualized experience.

Personal greatness at Focus is achieved through a series of well-planned steps. The first few steps involve finding what keeps a person from being the leader in his/her own life (at work and/or home). Wherever you’ve fallen behind is the place you may stay stuck, sometimes for years. The next few steps allow participants to start throwing away the garbage that keeps them stuck. The final steps involve rewarding and supporting the newly acquired or recovered personal authenticity, strength, value and motivation.

Wayne, Pam and a team of Focus graduates devote over one hundred hours into a workshop process six times per year. They have over 10,000 Focus graduates and the number one marketing tool has been word of mouth, not because it’s cost effective but because the graduates want loved ones to get the personal and professional tools too. This family owned small business venture has been rewarding and challenging. Both Wayne and Pam are professional counselors, working with clients, as well as being parents and active church members while sustaining the Focus workshops.


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